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I find great joy in creating art from found objects and scrap metal. I am always looking for antique metal tools, old shovels and unusual kinds of metal. It is always challenging to weld these different kinds of interesting metal shapes and metal textures together to create a unique work of art.

I use even the smallest metal scrap pieces that I need from my inventory instead of buying it from a store. I am definitely a bit of a fabricator when I am creating a sculpture. Creative problem solving makes me the happiest. Many of my found metal pieces have been previously used for something else. In this part of Arkansas, it is usually old farm or factory related pieces that intrigue me.

Most people enjoy trying to figure out what kind of metal pieces I have used to create my metal art.

My artwork has many stories to tell. Whether my pieces are rusted or brightly painted, my metal art tends to be whimsical and fun.


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