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Fenix Arts Unveils Transformative Fiber Arts Exhibition on Mount Sequoyah

Fenix Arts proudly announces the opening of a captivating Fiber Arts exhibition, Hanging by a Thread, showcasing the artistic prowess of regional talents. The exhibit opening reception will take place on Friday, January 12, at 5 pm and will continue to enthrall art enthusiasts until March 4th at Fenix Gallery, nestled on the picturesque Mount Sequoyah.

Fiber art, celebrated for its intricate use of natural or synthetic fibers and a myriad of components, including fabric and yarn, takes center stage in this visually arresting showcase. The participating artists, including Jaquita Ball, Katrinka Booth, Janice Paine Dawes, Laurie Foster, Gina Gallina, Puddin' Ridge Fibers, Amber Imrie, Jessica McClendon, Cate McCoy, Melspace Creative, Teresa Michael, Donna Lynn Mulhollan, Ann Naumann, Tina Oppenheimer, and Kim Seaberg, promise a diverse array of artistic expressions.

From the whimsical crochet by Gina Gallina to the contemplative sculptures crafted by Amber Imrie, and the fantastical wool felting masterpieces of Donna Mulhollan to the tufted pop art brilliance of Melspace Creative, the Fiber Arts exhibition offers a spectrum of creative narratives. The curation encapsulates the essence of fiber art, prioritizing aesthetic value over utility and highlighting the meticulous manual labor invested by each artist.

The exhibition harmoniously coincides with the WOWZA Ball on February 10th, an event hosted by the talented artist Gina Gallina and friends. Fenix Arts will host a series of free workshops leading up to the event. We invite art enthusiasts and the community at large to join in the celebration of this visual feast, engaging with the captivating Fiber Arts exhibition that promises to enrich the cultural landscape of Northwest Arkansas. For more information about the WOWZA Ball and workshops, visit

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