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Whitney Bell is a contemporary painter living in Fayetteville, Arkansas. She paints intuitively and her stimulus comes from the organic shapes found in daily life as well as a continuous pursuit to create non-objective marks when painting. Her work is characterized by patterning and contrasting layers of muted and vibrant, dark and light shapes. She combines ink, acrylic, and watercolor and thins her mediums so that they drip uncontrollably on the canvas. Whitney is interested in the process of layering materials.

Whitney has exhibited her work in group and solo exhibitions, beginning while she attended the University of Arkansas as a studio art major from 2005-2009. Shortly after, she continued her education to become a certified art teacher. In 2011, Whitney began teaching art at Washington Elementary. During this time she curated children's’ art exhibitions. She was also hired as a youth art educator at Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art in January of 2012. She currently serves as an art teacher at Springdale High School and continues to show her work as a Fenix artist and in other capacities locally and nationally. Whitney believes that to be a great art teacher, she must continuously evolve as an artist.


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