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In her body of work, the artist Lara Felipe uses different materials to enrich her repertory of images, incorporating personal and symbolic motifs, excerpts from poems, literature, references from other artists. Lara hides icons and under-the-skin secrets in the form of enigmas and messages, provoking an emotional and psychological response from the viewer.

Gleaned from the universe of art and transformed into a particular artistic language, Lara explores different media such as video, installation, photography, object, assemblage, painting and drawing. From the dialogue between the memory of her roots (she comes from a family of immigrants) and recent cultural exchanges, Lara puts together those works in order to provoke the creation of new meanings, dealing with poetic, aesthetic issues of a symbolic nature, capable of weaving a network of identity, bringing her universe closer to the spectator’s. Lara’s work pulses with life and bodily experience.

Visual artist, art restoration technician, graphic designer, advertising creative consultant.
In 1998 Lara received her Bachelor of Arts from the University of Espirito Santo in Vitoria, Brazil. Since then, she has built a successful artistic career with exhibitions in Brazil, Latin America and United States. Born in Brazil in 1971, Lara Felipe is part of an important generation of Brazilian artists that emerged in the 1990s. Lara has won many awards and taken part of many exhibitions, art festivals, residencies and exhibition halls, including the prestigious TRIO International Biennial of Contemporary Art in Rio de Janeiro in 2015, where she was featured alongside renowned artists such as Marina Abramovic, Anish Kapoor, Daniel Buren, Vik Muniz, Anna Bella Geiger, Angelo Venosa, Arthur Lescher, among others. Her art work for ArtBrazil in that same year earned her the “RIVA Best in Show” Jury Choice ArtServe, Fort Lauderdale, Florida.
Lara moved to the United States in 2012. She currently resides and works in Arkansas, USA.


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