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CREATIVITY is ingrained in those that are consumed by it. I view the world and the gifts it offers, and endeavor to create through brush and canvas the view that I witness. Color, shape, form are gifts given to us, and the tones and hues are to be revealed via the frame of the world he sees.

I began drawing and painting early in life...doodles during class. In high school, my painting and drawings were shared with family and friends. During my attendance at Texas Lutheran University, my creativity expanded with the support of art professors and advisors. However, family responsibility established other priorities. 35 years later, cancer and emergency double bypass surgery got my attention, and during recovery at home, he pulled out my old easel, put it back together and picked up the brush again.

I have been identified as an neo-impressionist, but I enjoy experimenting and diving into concepts and ideas that pop into my head just to see what will happen. This includes not only what goes on the canvas, but the tools I use to place paint on the canvas. It doesn’t always work, but failure will bring fresh ideas. New ideas bring a smile to me, and my customers.

Since then, my work has been acquired by collectors from all over the country.


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